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Ready to see some Asian chicks at JavHun? Have you got a case of yellow fever? Wait a minute, that’s not politically correct. Allow me to rephrase. Do you like furiously stroking your own cock while watching videos of hot Asian women getting their brains fucked out? If you answered yes, you might want to check out
What does JAV stand for, you ask? Could it be Just Anal Virgins or Jolly Amateur Vixens? How about Jelly-Ass and Voluptuous? Jerking At Vaginas? Nah, it’s much simpler than that: Japanese Adult Video.
That’s exactly what you get on Videos for adults, made in Japan. Pornography from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Don’t worry if you can’t read Japanese. I’m sure you’d try to poke through a wall of foreign text just to see some tits and ass, but no, that’s not necessary. The DVD covers that dominate the layout are written in Japanese, but all the website text is in English. The DVD titles are translated, but nothing else on the box is. You get enough information from the video names and the pictures. Click through and you’ll get a bigger pic of the cover and some screengrabs.
A charm, The Japanese Adult Video filled the screen, letting me study the rich detail offered by 1080P. Since it’s a DVD rip, I got a full two hours of that cheerleader with the huge boobs and her sexual adventures.
DVD rips are JavHun’s thing. Other sites offer a bunch of short Asian clips, but here they focus on bringing you full movies. Apparently, a couple of dozen physical JAV titles come out every day. This site does its best to bring you as many as they can.
I watched the cheerleader video on my laptop, but it’s worth noting their claim that all videos are mobile-ready. That’s going to be a long “bathroom break” at work. Tell your boss it was bad sushi.
A short review divides the links and the screengrabs. The dude who writes for JavHun thought the cover sucked, but the movie was great. I can see where he’s coming from. The cover isn’t half as explicit as the movie. I agree with him when he says, “the best thing was the pair of humongous tits she has.

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